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Wrocław Airport is small one and it’s easy to get to the city center.

You can use public transportation, from under the terminal runs bus 106 – it goes to the city center (stops Renoma or Central Railway Station/PKP Wrocław Główny), the ride takes about 45 minutes, the fare can be paid contactless at the vending machines on the buses (the ticket is written on the card, not printed on paper, you can choose a single ticket – for a single journey on a single line – or a timed ticket  – e.g. 60-minute, daily, 72-hourly for all lines).

We have a useful application (easy to navigate also on website) which shows the possibilities of getting anywhere by various means of transport, but google maps also suggest reasonable routes (public transport tab).

If you are going to take cabs, we recommend the MyTaxi or iTaxi app, we certainly do not recommend getting a cab at a taxi stop, especially at the airport and railway station. Wrocław, like other Polish cities, does not have standardized fares and you risk paying huge amounts.


Agenda document will be attached soon.


The first day of the conference (“Open Day”) begins on October 16 at 9:00 a.m. at the University of Wroclaw Main Library (room 3 on the 0 level) The venue is close to the city center, in the main building of the University Library, Fryderyka Joliot-Curie 12 street:

The second and third days of the conference, i.e. October 17-18, will take place on the campus of the Faculty of Social Sciences. Our faculty is in a different part of the city:  Wydział Nauk Społecznych / Faculty of Social Sciences, Koszarowa 3 Street, Wrocław, Poland

The session on October 17 begins at 9:00 am and ends at 7:00 pm, while we have scheduled a gala dinner at 8:00 pm in the city center for those who have registered for it. The conference will conclude at 4:30 pm on October 18. Most of the sessions, including plenaries, will take place in the building of the Institute of Political Sciences.


Regarding accommodation, we can recommend some places in the centre:

  1. Art Hotel
  2. HP Plaza Hotel:
  3. Hotel Dikul:
  4. Tumski:
  5. Bed and Breakfast Hotel
  6. Mercure:
  7. Kamienica pod Aniołami:

If you rather prefer flats (apartments), these should also be fine:

  1. Dream4You:
  2. AbsyntApart
  3. PropertyApart Ruska Centrum:
  4. VIP Apartments (this one is a bit closer to our department)

Airbnb doesn’t offer too many interesting options in Wrocław, is much more useful.


  • 112 – emergency number free of charge
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