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PTSSociology of Work Section
of the Polish Sociological Association


in cooperation with:

– Institute of Sociology University of Marie Curie-Skłodowska, Lublin 

Organizing committee:

  • dr Dominika Polkowska – chairperson (UMCS)
  • dr hab. Julia Kubisa, prof. UW (UW)
  • dr hab. Adam Mrozowicki prof. UWr (UWr)
  • dr hab. Ewa Giermanowska (UW)
  • dr hab. Sławomira Kamińska-Berezowska (UŚ)
  • dr Olga Czeranowska (UW)
  • dr Bartosz Mika (UG)
  • dr Karolina Podgórska (UMCS)
  • mgr inż. Emil Bartkiewicz (UMCS)

The conference is under patronage of the Research Committee 44 of the International Sociological Association, as one of a series of regional initiatives in response to disruption caused by COVID-19. The objective of RC44 is to encourage international research on labour movements, with a focus on their role both in industrial relations and in the political arena. The information about the RC44 activity and information how to join RC44 can be found at:


The conference is co-sponsored by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation


Sekcja Socjologii Pracy